Position Paper for Primary Care in Bracknell

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With 500000 people dying a year in England alone there is a danger of increasing morbidity and mortality when focussing on Coronavirus alone. Unless and until the situation becomes so overwhelmingly difficult that all community resources are also required to focus on Coronavirus Care Bracknell GPs would like to propose the following ways of working to support our secondary care colleagues in their fight for saving lives.

  • Unless the system is collapsing and all clinicians are needed in COVID-19 care, Minor Illness Community Care should be delivered mostly by Nurse Practitioners and Paramedics. This part of healthcare is mostly about delivering observations, pulse oximetry, BPs, tempatures etc. It is fairly pathway driven.
  • COVID -19 centres should be set up to allow a separation of potentially infected patients from patients with chronic conditions. Consider pre-admission scoring and community triage of patients prior to hospital admission according to new NICE guidelines
  • Practice nurses should focus on optimising health outcomes, diabetes, COPD and asthma care and self care and self isolation education. A lot of this type of care can be done on the phone.
  • GPs should focus on complex case management, mental health and all other conditions that need to be seen. To support secondary care GPs should also do follow ups and reviews for overwhelmed hospital trusts. GPs with special interest in Cardiology, dermatology, diabetology and respiratory medicine and MSK management should support the hospital system in the community. Current QOF, DES and LES reviews, particularly chronic disease reviews for diabetes, asthma, COPD and older peoples care should be accelerated while possible. GPs should also focus on public education and motivate people for good and responsible self care and behaviours.

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