How Much Physical Activity Is Good?

What Public Health England advises regarding physical activity.

We know from research that from all medical interventions we pay for to improve the health of the population and reduce hospital admissions exercise based interventions give some of the best investment returns. That’s for example why we paid for additional pulmonary rehabilitation interventions in Bracknell & Ascot in order to improve the life of patients with respiratory conditions. That is also why we have sponsored a lot of other activity based schemes.

And lets be fair: While most of us find it hard to stick to a daily fitness routine we all know how good it feels when we have been active. So, ask yourself the question.

  • When have you had your last muscle ache due to exercise?
  • When have you last been out of breath so you couldn’t talk because of exercise?

Find below information on how much activity is good for us. You may be surprised, but the body is made to sweat and be active!  If you are looking for a way to go from nothing to be able to run 5K, why not try the BBC “Couch to 5K challenge”.

However, a word of warning: Patients with chronic conditions, on permanent medication or otherwise disabled may have to start slowly when taking up exercise or may need support by a health coach or physiotherapist.

Adults and Older Adults

Children 0-5

Children 5-18

Pregnant Women

For more information please go to Public Health England