Dr Kittel’s Musli-type Cereal for good bowel health

Cereal against Constipation, Abdominal Pain and / or nausea caused by a slow bowel passage

woman with abdominal pain from constipation

Start the day with a mix of fibre and seed containing foods with plenty of fluids can relieve slow bowel transit and constipation in 80-90% of patients and reduces abdominal pains significantly. The addition of natural Kefir (without sugar) additionally improves gut bacteria. It reduces the transit time of your food and relaxes your bowels by adding bulk. Fibrous foods like the ones outlined below consumed regularly are thought to reduce the risk of bowel cancer in the long term. A slow bowel passage can be the cause of a large variety of symptoms of which abdominal pains and nausea are the most common.

Recipe of the Musli type cereal


  • Rye Flakes
  • Oat Flakes
  • Dried Fruit (careful if you are diabetic)
  • Linseed
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sunflower seeds

What to do

  • All these ingredients can be obtained at health food stores i.e. Holland & Barretts and mixed according to taste in a big cereal container.
  • Eating a bowl of this cereal every day will after a few days relieve most peoples constipation, reduce bowel transit times for food, reduce bowel spasm through prolonged bowel transit and “relax” your bowels by adding bulk.
  • To improve your gut microbiome I also advise the addition of some Probiotics. You may wish to eat this with Kefir (great source of “good bacteria” / Probiotics (unless you are allergic to dairy etc)
  • Should you still suffer symptoms after starting your dietary changes, please see your doctor again.
  • For very young children that cannot yet have the above cereal I usually recommend to give Porridge with some Linseed and a mashed up banana for breakfast (mash and mix banana into hot porridge to cool down and add linseed). You can also put linseed into yoghurts etc.

Good Luck! – Dr Martin Kittel